Get to know Beit Issie Shapiro 

Beit Issie Shapiro is Israel’s leading non-profit organization with a mission to build a more inclusive society across the globe by advancing the rights,  equal opportunities and services for people with disabilities; impacting 500,000+ people annually.  Beit Issie is proud to have Special Consultative Status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2012.

Beit Issie Shapiro promotes social change though a three-pronged approach: development and provision of cutting edge services, changing attitudes in society and advocating for better legislation and sharing knowledge throughout Israel, as well as internationally, through research, consultation and training.

Beit Issie’s mission is to create a more inclusive society across the globe by advancing the rights and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Beit Issie’s vision is that every person with a disability is entitled to full equal rights, and to be included and active in community life. Beit Issie work with all sectors in Israel – Jewish, Arab and others. 

President Rivlin meets one-year-old Eitan and therapist Ongi Kaplan-Gal in Issie Senses multisensory therapeutic environment. Photo Credit: Koby Gideon (GPO)


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